Teams channel messages unable to be seen.

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Good morning,


There seems to be an issue with teams that has been going on for the past few days. 

Our users are unable to see any new posts made to our support/request channels.


This is causing problems because we rely on teams to support our customers in an efficient and timely manner. This issue is causing us to resort to a workaround of creating a chat with most of the members that are working on that day. This is very messy and hard to keep track of. 


I believe that this issue should be considered a high priority since teams is our key communication tool. 


Our support users who handle these types of requests will receive a notification but will not be able to view the post when navigating to the channel.


Thank you,


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Best open a support case.

Hi, maybe you can redirect me to where I can do that? If I knew from the start I wouldn't have posted this here. 


Thank you.