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I am looking to reorganise the structure of Teams at our company and remove the option for team members to create private or public channels.


Is there a way that I can set up a Teams layout e.g


Channel 1

  Sub Channel 1a

  Sub Channel 1b

Channel 2

    Sub Channel 2a

    Sub Channel 2b

Channel 3

    Sub Channel 3a

Channel 4

   Sub Channel 4a


And roll this out to all employees so they have the same structure under Teams tab?

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Hi @RK3090,


Sub-Channels in Microsoft Teams is not possible.


You can Create Teams and inside each team, you can create only 1 level of the channel, which could be Internal, Private, or Shared.


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Nuno Árias Silva
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The ability to add channels and Teams on an adhoc basis is one of the best features of Teams. This allows groups of people to communicate as they desire.
Restricting the structure to what IT believes is best is not the way to support your users.

@Nuno Silva 


This is terrible.  Why was this design decision made?  For example, I'd like to have one channel for new participants.  Then, I'd like to create a sub channel for EACH participant and add only the team members pertinent to that particular participant.  Otherwise, I'm going to have to flood the main channel with Team Participant A, Team Participant B, Team Participant C, etc etc.  This will make it so unruly as to make it unusable as my company grows.


We need to be able to do this.  And we need to be able to control exactly who has access to each team; I work in healthcare so I have to deal with HIPAA.


Any suggestions?


Thank you

@Ed Woodrick 

Restricting the ability to create sub-channels by MS is restrictive and is not the way to support the users.

Disguising a feature limitation as a feature using a scope based argument is admitting to a user that their scope is not supported by the product, you are free to look elsewhere (Slack maybe)