Teams Channel Calendar not displaying appointments on Saturdays

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We have added a Channel calendar to a Team, and all appointment created on Saturdays do no display on the channel calendar.  They do appear in Outlook and in the Teams calendar, but not the Channel calendar where they are associated.


I've created appointments on another day, works fine, and when moved to Saturday, disappear from the channel calendar, only to reappear when moved back to another day.  Multiple users have attempted both on the Teams app and O365 web app.  Everyone appears to have the same issue.

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@Brelee1we are having the same issue

@Brelee1 same issues here.  Saturday appointments keep disappearing.  very frustrating

Hi, has anyone in this conversation reported this to Microsoft in a support ticket? I've tried to reproduce the problem (end of July) and when now looking in my calendar and the channel calendar my Saturday channel meetings are still there.

If you're not an admin yourself you can reach out to them for assistance with a service request from the M365 admin center.
Hi Cristian,
I just realized that all my Saturday meetings are showing in the calendar when accessing with the Teams app (PC), but not through Teams on browser (Not app).
Interesting, I see them using Teams on the web as well. Just to make sure, you do select Week and not only Work week? (top right corner of calendar).



Correct, full week is selected in both case.

I do see the Saturday day on browser, but no meeting (which are showing in the desktop app).




That's really odd. Have you also scrolled through the entire Saturday? As I said in the above post you should open a support ticket, or perhaps just reschedule if it was a glitch of some sort. Try signing out from Teams as well (top right corner) to refresh settings and cache. You can also verify in the Outlook client / Outlook on the web.