Teams Channel Calendar in a Private Channel?

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The new channel calendars for Teams is great but it appears you cannot add one to a private channel.  I know a Teams private channel is a separate SharePoint site with unique permissions, but is there a way to add a channel calendar to a private channel?

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I found the answer and it is not possible since private channels don’t have a group mailbox.

Teams Channel Calendar App Makes Channel Meetings Easier to Access - Office 365 for IT Pros (office3...

Calendar is not the only feature missing for private channels, it seems we cannot add a planner too :(
Are those features planned ?



1. Create the calendar in the sharepoint page behind your Teams channel.  (Settings cog, add an app, calendar)

2.  Copy the URL for the calendar.

3.  In the private teams channel, add an app.  Choose Website.  Paste URL.  

@fl4gr4nt this did the trick, thanks!


My pleasure, happy to assist :).

Your step 3 please can you say where is the ability to "Choose Website" as I can't seem to see it


Don't worry, I was looking in Sharepoint, not in Team app, now all's working, thanks for your information about this :lol:

I know this is an old thread, but wondering if the fact that I don't have "calendar" available when trying to add an app to Sharepoint is due to administrative lockdown settings, or if these steps have since changed/stopped being supported by Microsoft. I have. very few apps available in the default view, and there's no native Microsoft calendar in the Sharepoint Store when I search.
hi, got any answers to your question?



Are you ensuring that you are in the classic view?




I'm not sure what point you were at when trying to add the app but I know that I need to be in the classic experience before I see the normal old sharepoint apps we have available.  

@fl4gr4nt Through the private channel and in the classic view, I only have access to a few apps where as when i am in a public channel in the classic view I have access to the full order of old apps. Any suggestions?Full Apps.PNGLimited Apps.PNG



Hmm, I can only imagine that someone who manages the organization from the sharepoint perspective would need to add the apps you need to the classic view.  The apps I have available mirror what we had in a previous sharepoint that was migrated over so it could be someone simply needs to go in and add a suite of apps, organizationally.


Alternatively...if you do have the calendar app available to you in public sharepoint groups you could create it there and then link it within your channel as a website link.  Just depends on how sensitive the data would be.

@fl4gr4nt I have tried what you suggested. I have a Calendar in the general tab on the Team and I have tried adding an app (Website) to the private channel with the link to the calendar. Does not work... it won't open on the Teams app, sendm



When you say you created a calendar in the general tab, did you create it as a channel calendar?  If you did, that is only applicable to that specific channel.  i.e., General.  


You would want to go to your private channel that you want a calendar in, then in the options Open in Sharepoint.




After you get there you would create a Calendar using the classic apps by navigating to classic sharepoint.  I think there are steps for all that in previous posts here.


Once you have the calendar created, you can then link it as a "Website" link to your private teams channel that you would like it in.


I do not like "channel calendars" (referring to the teams app) as anything put into them adds the same event to your outlook calendar...which can make for a busy calendar.

@fl4gr4nt This doesn't seem possible in my organization, or at least I can't add any MS calendar apps on that SharePoint behind the private channel.

It appears that inside the Try New Teams version that you can create calendars in Private channels. This is good news!

@MichaelC55 What is the option?

Turn on Public Preview on your Teams Client (About), then flip switcgh for New Teams

Why can't they be associated though or established differently? I know you can create one via a SharePoint list, but it doesn't actually generate the Teams meeting information so isn't very helpful except as a communication tool.

@fl4gr4nt the site for the private channel does not have the ability to add the Calendar (app)... how to add?

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I found the answer and it is not possible since private channels don’t have a group mailbox.

Teams Channel Calendar App Makes Channel Meetings Easier to Access - Office 365 for IT Pros (office3...

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