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I've been playing about with the subscribers list of a Microsoft Teams group settings. I have found a way to clear the subscribers list as the feedback from people is that it is a bit annoying to receive a copy of the calendar entry in their Outlook inbox.


This is the script I am using


$Group = ""
Get-UnifiedGroupLinks $Group -LinkType Member | % {Remove-UnifiedGroupLinks -Identity $Group -LinkType subscriber -Links $_.Guid.toString() -Confirm:$false}


But I have noticed a couple of things :


1. If I create the calendar entry I still receive a notification of the entry and when it is also cancelled even though I am not in the subscribers list. Other people in the MS Team do not receive the entry. Is there a way to stop this?


2. New members that get added into the Team get automatically added into the subscribers list. I could run the script nightly for example, but is there a way to default this so new members do not get auto added to the subscribers list?



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@blue_man Hello, 1. As you are the organizer it seems to be working as designed from my point of view. That can be easily tested too. Have another group member schedule a channel meeting and see if you get the invite and if the other "non-subscriber" get the notice.

2. The parameter -AutoSubscribeNewMembers controls this and is also part of Set-UnifiedGroup (ExchangePowerShell) | Microsoft Docs


You can disable them all together as well -SubscriptionEnabled


Note that guests always get subscribed to the group so you would have to run the Remove-UnifiedGroupLinks (ExchangePowerShell) | Microsoft Docs on a consistent basis.


At least for now.

Thanks, I've already check these settings previously and the -AutoSubscribeNewMembers is set to false already as well as the other below properties on the group settings, but new members still get added to the subscribers list automatically. We don't allow guest so that is not an issue at the moment.

AutoSubscribeNewMembers : False
AlwaysSubscribeMembersToCalendarEvents : False
SubscriptionEnabled : False

Interesting that the WelcomeMessageEnabled is also set to : False but new members also receive the welcome email.

Its as if Teams does ignore some of these group properties and does its own thing.
I bet you're on hybrid with Exchange on-premises?

We sure are, but why would that affect the settings of an o365 group that is in the cloud out of interest?

@blue_man It's both confusing and complicated as some commands work. But in short, it's not a supported configuration. On-premises users cannot access the group mailbox in Outlook, so to allow communication with these users they are added to the subscriber list automatically. In other words, you need to run your "remove-script" on a consistent basis or wait for a migration to the cloud as unified groups and their cmdlets are only relevant to EXO.

ok thanks