Teams changed to an Educational set up?

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In our company we use MS Teams for setting up meetings and webinars. Recently one of our team members accounts turned in to an educational platform instead and now the options are classes. Our IT department closed it down and deleted Teams and re installed it again. However, it remains the same regardless of several attempts of trying different things. Are there any suggestions/ solutions as to why this has happened and how we can resolve it please. 

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Sure sounds strange as it's another subscription for EDU. Verify the assigned license for the user account. Any chance this account (email address) is used elsewhere?

@ChristianJBergstrom - We have only been using Teams for the last year if that. The user has never used it before. It was all rolled out to all staff in the same way by our IT dept. She has been fine up until last week when it swapped to the EDU. IT has removed it from her laptop and set it up using the same information as what they use. However, it still remained as EDU, o it is very strange and not sure what to do next. We deliver training courses, and this is being suggested that this is the preferred platform, we have courses coming up so I am not sure what the implications will be.

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You better reach out to the official support; something is not right.
Thank you Christian, I am hitting dead ends with all avenues of help. I thought I would throw it out to a wider audience in case someone else had experienced the same thing. Thanks for contact me, it's much appreciated