Teams CAP and voicemail

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Had someone set up a CAP and enable voicemail on it.

Is there a way to retrieve any voicemails that were left on the account?


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@DayneJake Not sure what that person configured but I don't believe the voicemail feature is supported in CAP mode, here's the related documentation see the note at the top "Common area phones do not support voicemail." Set up the Common Area Phone license - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Otherwise I believe voicemails are usually stored the associated user's exchange mailbox.

@NReaden Thanks.

Since it is direct routing (forgot to mention that, sorry) they used a powershell command for the CAP config and did -Hostedvoicemail $true

There is an Exchange Plan2 license assigned as well.


Callers get to a voicemail if no one answers and they can leave a voicemail it seems.  No idea where it is going.


I am redesigning what that number will do.  Either see if I can get it to forward to a shared voicemail or another user, or change the account to something else.  In the meantime, they need to try to retrieve the voicemails.

@DayneJake Ahhhh yes, well without knowing more about the way your environment is configured my first guess is it would be stored in the mailbox of whichever user account the phone number and plan are assigned to. The hostedvoicemail flag should tell the system that the user has a voicemail box provisioned so my guess is it would be sent there.


Let me know if that turns out to be true it's an interesting case