Teams cannot open this file due to unsupported file type .aspx

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My company post many announcements on Sharepoint and created a flow to send the Sharepoint link into Teams. 


However, when I try to open it via my iPhone Teams app, it keeps showing that Cannot open file, Teams cannon open this file due to unsupported file type starting from three weeks ago. 

I did tried to log out and reinstall the app but none of it fix the problem.


Can someone help

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Is this all SharePoint links you click in the Mobile app?
I'd send feedback to Microsoft from the app

Yes  is only Sharepoint links that are not working! All other links works 


@joyce83512  - - I am having same issue.  SharePoint URL link works fine on Win 10 Teams client, but cannot open natively in iOS Teams app (both iPhone and iPad).  I can copy the URL into Safari and it works fine.  Exact error message is "Cannot Open File  Teams cannot open this file due to unsupported file type"



@joyce83512 , we are also having this issue on iOS and iPadOS and it definitely affects version 2.0.18 of the Teams app, possibly also 2.0.17; users on earlier versions of the app do not appear to be affected.  It only affects .aspx file types when you attempt to open the link in Teams, "Cannot open file - Teams cannot open this file due to an unsupported file type".  We reported this to Microsoft a few days ago but they are being very slow to accept that this is a general problem with Teams and have told us that they have had no reports of this issue from other customers, which is obviously not true!

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@joyce83512, fixed in version 2.0.19 of the Teams app!