Teams - Cannot access files in VDI environment

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I'm involved in two distinct organisations and we are both experiencing issues where we get an error message when trying to access files in the Teams Desktop App within the two different VDI environments (Citrix and Horizon).

We receive the message 'f.a is not a constructor'.

Anyone have a resolution or know why both organisations are experiencing this? 



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I don't have a solution for your problem but I just had the same error an a laptop in our company. Here is where I got rid of it:


First, I renamed the folder %appdata%\roaming\microsoft\teams - same error, the files were not visible and  "f. a. is not a constructor".


The next thing was to rename all Teams-related folders in %appdata%\local and %appdata%\roaming\microsoft and run the Teams-Installer again (with user priviledges, no admin-rights).


This did the trick, the files were visible agin and the error is gone.


Maybe this helps...