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Dear all,

Since a few days I have a strange bug in Microsoft Teams (version and on MacOS (Ventura 13.4). I work in a school, so we have a "corporate" Office365 account with 2-factor authentication through the authenticator app on my phone. Here is the issue:

- I deleted the entire Teams folder in Application Support

- I also removed all entries with "Teams" in them for the Keychain in MacOS, disabled SIP for this

- I installed the latest (and previous) version of Teams

- I login with the usual method, this is okay

- I quit and restart Teams, all is well and good

- I quit and restart Teams again, now I'm in a death-loop. I get error code 3000 (nothing to find online on this code) and a button to restart or logout. These buttons, and the rest of the app, are unresponsive and Teams keeps on rebooting itself. I can only interrupt this by force-quitting the app a few times

- When I delete the Teams folder in Application Support, I can login again and use the app for two instances. After this, the same misery.

I hope someone can shed some light here. This is costing me too much time at the moment (the start of the college period is very busy), so any help is greatly appreciated!

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What i would suggest is to clean the app with a addon that firmly cleans the mac.
But first check if teams still works in the browser?

@paul keijzers thank you for your reply. Yes, Teams in a browser (Chrome) works okay, as it does in the app. Which (free?) cleaner do you recommend?


Edit: I downloaded CleanMyMacX and removed the app twice. I also used the option to re-initialise Teams. Nothing worked, too bad.

I use macclearner other question is the mac secured by your organisation?
If nothing else works there are 2 things you can do. Create a ticket at MS.

Create a new profile on the mac and try to reinstall all.

@paul keijzers I tried AppCleaner, MacCleaner Pro and CleanMyMac X, all to no avail. The laptop is mine, it's not secured by my organisation. The problem is very persistent. After I delete the folder in application support I can use the app twice, then it crashes every time. Very peculiar.


As this is my private computer I really don't want to install everything new. I presume I can't use a Time Machine backup, because something is wrong there too. Do you know where I can file a ticket?

You can fill a ticket via the Microsoft 365 admin portal. Very annoying and strange.

@ReinoutVrijhoef I have the same issues. Also Error 3000.

Only old versions of Teams do not have this problem.  The Teams Preview versions (at this moment) do have the same problem.


Is there any older version available for download at the moment, as far as you know?

@ReinoutVrijhoef I have found some old versions of Teams with Google, but after a few days Microsoft updates it automatically to the newest version :(

My boss's boss encountered this today, here's how I fixed it:

1) Deleted Teams from Terminal: sudo rm -rf /Applications/Microsoft\
2) Deleted Teams' Application Support folder (using finder, but Terminal works too): ~/Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/Teams
3) Reinstalled Teams, issue seemingly resolved!

You can also probably use this to remove Teams, but I didn't think to at the time:

@Pat Breen Thanks for your message.

What you suggest works but after a while the same error appears again. 

So it is not a complete solution.


Hendri Hondorp 

Thank you for your contribution. This is not a permanent solution, but indeed the quick fix I described in the first post. Thanks for mentioning this app, it seems to do the same as manually removing the files.
I have created a second account on my Mac and did not had any problems with Teams using this second account.
So I concluded it is a local account registration problem !!

I have searched for local settings of Teams and I found:

So I added this directory to the "to delete list" you described here.
/bin/rm -rf ~/Library/Cache/

It looks like the problems are gone.
Tanks for the solution! I had the same problem and it seemed like there was no solution for problem 3000 on the internet. However I deleted the cache in the terminal and finally my teams works again.
For those who don't know how to do that, here is the link to the description:
This is a great solution for the short term, but in the long term the issue continues. I'm really looking forward to a durable solution.


I had the exact same issue with two of my users. Tried all the same actions with no avail. Now with the 'New Teams' the issue is gone for both users. Hope this also fixes it for you and the other people following this thread.

Thank you for this tip! Unfortunately, the new version of Teams isn't supported by our administrators, I will ask them why this is...