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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Teams Can Now Remove Users from a Group Chat



The latest build of the Teams clients (desktop, browser, and mobile) include the ability to remove a participant from a group chat. This is a much-requested feature that’s taken surprisingly long to deliver, but now you can have fun adding and removing people to your heart’s desire. It’s nice to have a chat and it’s even better if you can control who you chat with.

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Very useful feature. What's the version # where you're seeing this?

@Bob Manjoney  It's mentioned in the article (version and later).

Thanks for adding that in!
10168! We're still on 8864... need to get those squirrels running faster :)

@Tony RedmondI left the group chat at the end of my shift. It says I left the chat, but others are still seeing me in the chat. They tried to remove me and re-add me but they can't get me back into the chat. I made sure to sign out of the app on my PC and deleted the app from my tablet.


If a member is added by mistake, why do we have to wait till the user is connected to enable removing that user.


Is there a fix for this issue>?

I just added a new person (not logged in) to a chat. I was then able to remove them. I used the Teams desktop client. If you're having an issue, file a support incident with Microsoft.