Teams Camera works on the desktop but not the ap - what can I do?

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When working on the desktop version of Teams, my camera works perfectly.


When I use the App on the same computer, it gives me a black screen where my camera image should be.  I have uninstalled, reinstalled, and updated the app several times and it still wont recoginse the camera.  When trying to troubleshoot, it tells me just to close down any other aps using my camera.  I have closed down everything and re-started and still it wont work?


What can I do to get the camera working on the Teams App, instead of just the desktop?

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Oh and just to confirm, when I first started using it, it worked perfectly, then one day Teams crashed and now I no longer can use the camera. This problem has been with me for around 6 months now!
Can you please give some more info on teams app and desktop version? As they seem the same to me. do you mean teams desktop app and browser or on mobile or...

@paul keijzers Thanks for getting in touch.


Yes, I downloaded the Teams App.  I have uninstalled it and re-installed it several times and refreshed cache's etc, but the camera still wont work.  I just get a black screen.


However when I use teams in the browser, it all works perfectly.


My camera works with all other platforms requiring camera access.


When I trouble shoot it tells me to give the camera access to the App in settings, which I have tried several times, and it says that it has access to the camera.


When you look at the history, it also says that the camera has been accessed by Teams.... but all I get is the black screen