Teams Calls - New Layout - Option to Personalise/ Re-size

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A few members of staff within our company have received the update which includes the new layout of the "Calls" page on Teams (where Call History takes up the majority of the center of the page and Speed Dials are pushed to the right). 


Our feedback on this is that it is not a useful/ helpful update; Centralising and enlarging the Call History lists seems like a waste of space on the page - what is important is the "Speed Dials" list, which shows the availability of people within our company and makes it quick and simple to reach out to them. The Call History should not take priority for display over making it quicker and simpler to see and call employees. 


I understand from other posts in forums that there is no way of reverting back to the old layout unfortunately. What we believe would be helpful (if we really can't go back to the old layout!), would be to give people the option to personalise / re-size their own layouts - i.e. being able to move things around or drag and make certain sections larger/ smaller.  


We hope Microsoft will listen to the vast amount of feedback on this new layout and make amendments to make this more user-friendly. 



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Hi @LaurenDB  Thank you for your feedback - we are sharing the extensive comments about the new layout with the features team and they are working on an update.

Has anyone heard anymore? Nothing I can see on the roadmap.

All the interface development seems to be focussed on rooms - we need to get the Teams app working first! The amount of wasted space is criminal (see my UWQHD monitor layout!)