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I have a problem with Calls menu layout with one of our users in company. The view of Calls menu is divided into 3 columns (history in the middle and speed dial on the right, teams_screen2 in attachment). This layout is impractical and user wants to restore back old layout (teams_screen1 in attachment). We check versions of Teams in other users and all have The problem does not occur with others users.


Is there a way to change layout of this menu?

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@JakubTomczyk I wish I had the answer. I am one of only a few in my orgnization that have this new view, which is terrible.  Speed dial is not alphabetical either, it's maddening!


Hi Jakub.

We have the exact same problem and cannot find a solution?  

@JakubTomczyk We are frustrated the same.  I submitted to complaint to user voice but have never had luck getting things changed there either.  So unusable.

Please fix this Microsoft.... enough is enough.... you're already falling behind  Zoom and these kind of mess-up changes are not helping.

This new view where History replaces Speed Dial in the middle of the screen is useless. Just rolled out to me on 8/20/2021. I had the old Speed Dial view yesterday. I used that view to be able to see the presence/status of select users that I interact with frequently without having to mouse over or open the contact. (I know, there is a small color coded dot on each contact, but doesn't help for mostly color blind people, I need to words...Available, Busy, etc.) Please bring back the old Speed Dial view or give the user an option to control the view.
I have just noticed this change since yesterday (Aug. 19, 2021) and it is HORRIBLE!! Please, please change the configuration back to what @JakubTomczyk had stated. also, how about some customer service? Let us know that it's been brought to MS attention, or it's being looked at. . .something besides "crickets"!!

@JakubTomczyk I agree, the new layout is terrible and I suspect does not suit the vast majority of users. Why is History now dominating the screen, it makes no sense. MS, please revert or at least give us a choice. I want to see my shortcuts again.

There is a partial 'solution' - it's not ideal but at least I have a working view of my shortcut contacts again. Go to the Chat tab and click the Dropdown beside Chat to change to the Contacts view. Now you will see a list of your favourites and groups that shows status and is sorted alphabetically.

@GerardTreacy Thank you for that tip, very helpful.

Thank you @JakubTomczyk for submitting this. The new layout just changed for us recently and members of my organizations leadership team has reached out to me to change it back. "Speed" and "Group" dial are the primary ask for my users. The call history is not as important and has taken the majority of the Calls GUI real-estate.
Almost a year later this issue is still pending. The "new calls experience" doesn't get better just by getting used to it. Will MS ever change this?
Not having contacts in a larger space and not in any kind of sort order on the desktop app is ridiculous. My speed dial contacts appear alphabetically in the mobile app so can't understand why the same can't be for the desktop. Also, not sure if this is a MS Teams thing or a user setting but it would be great to have the option to display contacts as a list instead of a large tile.