Teams calls dropping constantly

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Hi everyone,

We have a Teams common area phone at a site with Wan Flex Fibre connection. VOIP is enabled on the network.

The phone is dropping calls constantly. Its only at this one site, and network does not appear to be an issue.

Do you have any ideas as to why this is occurring? 

I do not have the ability to log the phone out and back in (though its been done with no success),

Thanks in advance

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Does that site access the Internet directly or does it route back through other sites.
Run the Microsoft Connectivity test and see how many hops it actually is taking.
Its a direct connection to a single router wired to the ONT.
What about DNS resolution? Again, run the Connectivity Analyzer, it is often eye-opening.

By ONT are you referring to the Microsoft Ontario Data Center?
What about other users at the site, Are they seeing the same issue? Sure it isn't the phone rebooting?