Teams Calls disconnect upon answering

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Please i need your help on this issue.


For the last 3 days we have had dozens of Teams calls that disconnect the moment we answer them.


The calls are not from the same number and when called back, We almost always get a pop-up message that the line is busy. 


Occasionally, we have gotten a customer or a caller, but rarely.


The screen shot attached is for a call that Karen one of our user answered. It rang once on her Teams phone, but the log shows that they called 3 times. 


The 22 second call is the one she attempted to answer.  The other two from this caller never rang on the Teams desktop App or Teams cell phone.



All the users linked to the call queue are all affected below







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How are you receiving calls? Calling Plan, Operator Connect or Direct Routing? Is the number direct to the queue or is it coming from an Auto Attendant? We have had similar issues and each required a different fix.

Hello @DennisMatl 

Thank you for your reply.

1.   We are receiving Direct Routing with Calling Plan


2. The number is direct to the call queue


3. We have uninstalled Teams multiple times.


4. We are not using VPN




Since you are using Direct Routing and the number is going directly to the Queue it eliminates some potential issues.


You may want to try resetting Teams for each user. We have found that a lot of calling, headset, and other odd Teams phone issues can be fixed by following the reset procedure here: Clear Teams cache - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn


How do you have the calls routed to your assigned agents? Attendant, Serial, Round Robin, or Longest Idle?  How many agents are available at any given time?


We only have one active user in the queue at a time. However, there is a 1-2 minute delay from when they change their status to when it actually takes hold. So there is this odd gap were both agents are available and the routing you choose will send the call to the wrong agent.

And once Teams has decided that that agent is getting that call it will not let it go to another agent.


We set our Routing Method to Longest Idle. As the Agent 1 sings out and Agent 2 signs in, Agent 2 will automatically have the longest idle in the queue.



Have you activate the conference mode on call queue? If not activate this option, may be it helps.