TEAMS Calls Contacts and Outlook Contacts

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I have read a few issues and posts about this and still can quite understand how TEAMS and Contacts are supposed to work. 

Using only the web based tools - new tenant since March 2020.


Scenario is Outlook Contacts have synchronised with TEAMS Calls>Contacts.

We can see all contacts from outlook list in the calls/contacts list including their phone number but we cannot dial the numbers or engage in a conference call. Options at end of row do not appear.


If we search for a contact to in the list it will find the user but cant call.

If we use 'Add Contact' in the calls list and add the user who is already in the list is will not resolve and causes us to create an new external contact. The new external contact does not capture the phone number or any other details. After saving the new contact we now have two contacts with the same name - one original from Outlook and one new from within TEAMS.  The contact created within TEAMS as a guest can be called on the same email address as the original Outlook contact card had for the same contact. 


It seems incorrect to have to load the contact record again in this way and we are wondering if we are missing some setting that would have synced the contacts properly. Our tenant is fully modern / TEAMS only.


Any help, guidance, references appreciated.



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Hi @bbtechician 


Nice to hear in depth of the research you have done on the Contacts in Microsoft Team and the Outlook Contact. In General it both the Outlook and the Teams Contact should be able to search each other and this should work without any issues.  


Can you please check on the below setting if this is enabled on your Tenant for the feature to work.


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Satish U

@bbtechicianHi, do you remember how this was resolved for you?