Teams calls are dropping after switching organisations

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My self and a colleague are both experience the same issue whereby our calls are dropping/disconnected a few seconds in.

we've tried to carry out a bit of testing to figure out the scenario when this happens.

it seems to be after we've switched to a guest organisation (Top right of teams) and switch back to our main organisation and then make/join a call.

signing out of teams and signing back in resolves the issue (until we then need to switch to another guest organisation again).


Is anybody else experiencing this issue, and does anybody have any idea's as to how we can get around it. Without having to sign out and back in each time.


Many thanks in advanced


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Not that I’m aware of. I know work is going into tenant switching and what not but this might be a bug. Not a fix but I’d highly recommend using edge if you use the new one and you can access and login and tenant switch to guest tenant you change too. Then you can “install it as an app” and then put it on your task bar. This is how I manage between my work tenant and Microsoft tenant and it works great. You will also get notifications if you allow it via windows notifications for the web app tenant. You can also use a browser but I’ve gotten use to this app way of doing it.

It’s good enough for now until we get a permanent solution from MS.

I also get the exactly same behaviour, seems like it started to occur after I joined another organization and started switching between them. Both direct person-to-person calls and scheduled meeting connections drops right after the connection is established.
I really prefer using the desktop app for Teams so let's hope for a permanent fix.

Teams calls dropping right after connecting sounds familiar. It started to happen just recently and before reading these posts I did not realize that the switching between organizations could have something to do with disconnections. Good to be aware!

Hey @Daveelbro , 

I googled and find your thread. My colleagues and I share exactly the same problem since a couple of weeks. It's not funny when you want to have calls with customers. My workaround is to close Teams completely and restart it. I also use Teams in browser, but I have different meetings in both organisations and clicking the meeting link in outlook appointment will always open the call in my desktop app, so not very helping. 

I hope MS can fix this bug ASAP, it just troubles me. 

Same in our organization. After switching tenant all new calls (both inbound and outbound) are dropped a few seconds in. The "chat" opens but immediately drops afterwards.

I've just had it reported that my organisation is experiencing the same issue, switching back and forth more and than once causes the problem and calls drop out.