Teams calling: transfer call to a contacts phone number instead of starting a Teams-audiocall

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In the teams application if I have a call that I want to transfer I click on "consult then transfer" I can search a name and when I click the name it gives me an option between Teams-audiocall and their mobile number.
I want to do the same on a physical Teams phone (we use the audiocodes c455) but the option is missing. I can search a name but as soon as I click on the name it automatically starts a Teams audiocall. Does anyone know if there is a way to change this?
We primarily use mobile phone numbers, just the information desk uses teams calling so all calls should go to mobile numbers instead of starting a Teams call.

I found a way to do it but it is very cumbersome: after "consult then transfer" click on the physical "Contacts" button and search the name, then click the name, scroll down and click on the phone number. The people at the desk are used to an oldschool phone without any functions so having to do this many steps is very confusing for them and takes long.

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