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Is there a way to stop the Teams mobile app from ringing for phone calls?


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No, there is no way other than signing out from Teams app to stop it from ringing or set your status as Do Not Disturb (but that will affect your desktop client as well).


If you get an PSTN call Teams mobile app should not ring, only the phone call (at least it is like that on Android). If you get an Teams call it should respect your call volume on your phone, is if you turned of the volume during night Teams should respect that.


Can you explain more why you need it?

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We want to ensure that users are not getting and answering PSTN calls through the Teams app on their mobile devices. This way they won't have to screen calls.

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There is an open uservoice to disable voice calls on the Teams app here

At present AFAIK you can’t stop this. I would vote and drive as many to it as possible to push it up the agenda.

Hope that answers your question!

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@Linus Cansby  indeed, it's annoying that ALL my microsoft teams calls come thru my mobile device and not via my desktop app when I'm sitting here in front of my desktop trying to video conf with my Team.  The fact that Msft Teams auto-forwards to my mobile device means that my only option is to delete the app on my mobile phone??  

@karinagrotz We are seeing a similar issue but only for Android phone users. Can you confirm if you are using Android devices or iPhones? The only reports have been from our pilot group have been from Android users and iPhone users have reported it rings on all devices at the same time. 





@Mike Morris  I figured out that the issue was actually that the "quiet hours" tile was clicked on -- which is why the calls were only ringing thru on my iPhone and not thru the app on my laptop.  Oops!

@Mike Morris

I have Teams on both Mobile and Desktop. When Teams calls ring, I cannot answer on desktop - it doesn't recognize the clicks and I have to answer on phone only. Is there a way to manage this? I need to answer calls on desktop, but the Mobile seems to be overriding.

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Hey I'd really like this as an option as well. Teams ringing my phone delays me picking up calls at my computer, and if I don't pick up fast enough the call is dropped all together. It's just a real inconvenience when I'm literally sitting at my computer already. Just give me an option to route all calls to the computer app instead of my phone.

@JakeJ I would suggest trying this:

Supporting this and it's 2021 and we need to tell MS to update Teams for what we need, how we use technoloy in our reality, unbelievable imo. KR