Teams calling forward all numbers from one company to two specific voicemails

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This one's a bit specific and I had a hard time finding what we needed. In the next couple of months, we're going to bring all 160 of our lines into Teams Calling licenses instead of Elevate. When we do that, I'll be the admin of all call structures instead of our MSP. 

Anyways, we have a manger who gets solicited by a company in town and 95% of the time he doesn't need to take their calls. 5% of the time however, they are calling about something we're interested in so we wouldn't want to block them all together. 

Within the Teams calling admin center, is it possible to take every call from that number that hits our compnay then forward those calls to 2 specific voicemailboxes?

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I would recommend to forward the call to M365 Group and add the two users to be a part of the M365 group so that both the users get the Voicemail Access. In future apart from two users if you need additional users also you can add the users in the group.

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Thank you Satish! This makes great sense and is an awesome solution. I'm assuming from within the Teams Admin center I could make a rule to forward all calls from any specific number always to the voicemailbox of a specific group?