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good afternoon!


I'm involved in our Teams phone rollout. we're moving to PSTN calling within teams and I've been asked a few questions I'm hoping to get answered here.


1. can you dial the operator "0" within teams?

2. confirm the only way staff can call 911 is if they have a license and calling plan?




- Mariam

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@Mariam Penman 


I'm not really sure what you mean by 'operator' or what you might do with them. There is no carrier service that can make reverse charged calls if you are using Microsoft dial plans. You could have a reception, answered by a group of users, but you would typically dial that by name,


No license, no dialpad, so no 911. It's not a phone without a license.

@Mariam Penman 


You can setup a dial plan\normalization rule so when 0 is pressed in Teams, it normalizes to an E164 number. This could be a number within Teams belonging to an individual or Auto Attendant or Call Queue..


As the other person said, yes only way to call emergency is with an MS Calling Plan (Phone System + Calling Plan) or if you have Direct Routing setup (Phone System).