Teams Calling - ended calls not going away


We are testing Teams enterprise voice with an audiocodes SBC with direct routing.


We are seeing a re-occurring issue were calls don't disappear from the top left corner have they have ended. (see attached image)


it doesn't happen all the time, some times closing out of teams will clear it other times it requires a reboot of the PC. right now I have an user that even a reboot isn't clearing it! LOL


Anyone else running into this and maybe have a fix?

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Odd. Never see. That. Have you tried log out and log in? It clears more local cache than restart or quit and relaunch.
next time it happens I'll try the login/out.
strange others haven't seen this.

I am facing exactly the same problem. Logout-login indeed resolve the situation, however restarting teams or even PC doesn't help.

We've seen this in our environment too.  Currently using direct route.  Observed on Mac and PC clients

@Jason Benway I am having the same issue. Started a few days ago. I am using a Macbook Air the new 13" M1 chip. Os Big Sur vs 11.3.1. Since buying this machine I have had many annoying things going on with my apps. The above is a new one.