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I seem to keep finding many conflicting (vague) answers across this whole discussion area with very little detail on how to actually set things up.
So I have a consulting business with about 1500 customers all external.
We use Microsoft Teams for internal messages (chat between staff) and we also have Microsoft Teams Calling for our phone system.
We also have a third-party CRM system which syncs with SharePoint lists (customer contact details, mobile, home, work phone numbers). This SharePoint list also syncs with outlook for contacts.
We want caller ID! (which shows customer names rather than numbers) not our calling out ID.

Adding one contact at a time into Microsoft Teams Contacts area for 10+ staff is not practical especially when things change, new customers are added etc.

I see a number of people saying it works outlook/teams contacts and others saying it not possible add you vote to the enhancement? What is correct...??? It seems a basic integration of the whole suite of Microsoft products


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- We want caller ID! (which shows customer names rather than numbers) not our calling out ID.


Do you want to show the name of the customer when they call you? I'm not sure since you write "our calling out ID". But if that is the case you can add their names as contacts in Exchange Online and Teams client should show the contact name when a user from that number calls you. Teams will search for contacts in both personal contact list as in the global contact list.

@Linus Cansby 

Thanks for your reply, yes I want to see the name of our customer when they call in to our office. I was using calling in (to our office) as a reference since most of the answers I could find when looking on google were all about the business caller ID and was silent about my question.


Your suggestion did not work. The only area I could find for caller ID in Exchange Online is under the Admin Area - Exchange Admin Centre, then Recipients, then Contacts - Add a Mail Contact.
I added a contact here (required email address which is very painful) I am after Teams Calling list, eg: phone book

This addition was not seen by my Microsoft Teams program when the customer called me, only their phone number showed. I can manually add them one at a time into my personal teams contacts but when you have over 1000 customers which do change all the time, a global address for our whole business would be a smart idea (if possible)

Please help.. :)

Hi @paulgws

OMG I have been trying to implement global systems using Links to Teams for 4 years and have spends $1,000's and hundred of tech support hours.

I give up!

I keep check for some of the basics

Yes full integration with outlook contacts

Incoming call is echoing the caller id "Bob Smith" calling

New incoming call Name can be saved and SYNCED immediately to MS Contacts

Outgoing calls from me and my 5 staff world wide to show our Corporate caller ID and Corporate Number

Returning callers are going to the corporate number and routed to correct staff extension

Import my 4,200 Skype numbers and Contacts into ms contacts/ Teams

I assume NONE of the features are yet to be implemented.

Still using line2 which is integrated to outlook and Google contacts :(


Please connect with me if you have solved some of these problems




Outlook contacts sync requires external contacts in user's desktop outlook to have FileAs filed not empty and to have BusinessPhone field not empty.

@paulgws Has anybody gotten syncing Outlook Contacts-> Teams Voice contacts working?  ~1,300 person firm here using Teams voice....for now....this like this make it a hassle...




Yes, it works.


Read through previous posts and you'll see that it works once you:


Make sure "FileAs" field is not empty 




Business Phone field has a value