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Is anyone having problems with the new Calls channel ?


  • The agent Toggle to opt in and out dosn't save and keeps changing back.
  • The call history only shows a few calls and not every incoming call.
  • The call history show the user that is looking at the history and not the user who has taken the call.
  • The Agent present i'e Available, Busy etc isnt showing the correct information and not sending calls to the available agents
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Yes, these are symptoms we see for our agents too. It appears to be a front-end issue (visual) issue? Anyway, our workaround has agents ignoring the channel queue 'Calls' tab toggle and setting their queue availability from "Settings > Calls" within the Teams app.  Hopefully, Microsoft cleans up that calls tab soon.

Same issue here. I toggle it off or on through the Team Calls tab on the Channel but it reverts back after a minute.