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I'm facing of a strange issue with my Teams account, the admin of my Tenant configured a number on my account with Direct routing, but Teams not showing up the number and when I'm calling someone, recipient receives a hidden call (Anonymous). 


Here the detail of my account configuration : 


Get-CsOnlineUser Email address removed | fl *line*,*voice*

OnPremLineURI                        : tel:+41*********;ext=3**

OnlineDialinConferencingPolicy       : ServiceAllowed

SubProvisionLineType                 :

LineServerURI                        :

PrivateLine                          :

OnPremLineURIManuallySet             : True

LineURI                              : tel:+-----------;ext=----

CallingLineIdentity                  :

OnlineVoicemailPolicy                :

OnlineDialOutPolicy                  :

OnlineVoiceRoutingPolicy             : tel:+41*********;ext=3**

OnlineAudioConferencingRoutingPolicy :

OnPremEnterpriseVoiceEnabled         : False

HostedVoiceMail                      : True

EnterpriseVoiceEnabled               : True

TeamsVoiceRoute                      : False

VoicePolicy                          : HybridVoice

OnlineVoicemailPolicy                :

VoiceRoutingPolicy                   :

HostedVoicemailPolicy                : BusinessVoice

OnlineVoiceRoutingPolicy             : S---------




It's same on the web application or from my smartphone 

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Seems to be an issue with the provisioning of the user account. Request your admin to remove DID and all the voice policies and wait for 15mins. After 15mins retrigger the provisioning by assigning you with the same DID and Extension capability.

This should fix the issue.

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Satish U



Can you explain how to do the actions you have discribed ? Is it possible to do it with powershell ? 

The admin who work on the case is not confident with the configurations