Teams caller ID is not showing the caller's name, only the phone number

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Teams caller ID is not showing the caller's name, only the phone number. I'm not sure if direct routing to a third party is the issue.


We tried the following with the same results.

  1. Added the callers' names & phone numbers as a contact into Outlook and Teams.
  2. Added the callers as contacts in Exchange Online.
  3. Confirmed that "Scope directory search using an Exchange address book policy" was enabled in Team Admin Portal.


Please advise.

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Hi @NinjaLee ,


To update the Called ID name, you should email Microsoft porting team with the list of numbers and CNAMEs at  

From the official documentation:
"By default, the following caller ID settings are turned off. This means that the Teams user's phone number can be seen when that user makes a call to a PSTN phone. You can change these settings"
This references to outbound caller ID. For more information see "Override the caller ID policy" here:

BUT - @NinjaLee describes the issue that inbound calls TO Teams Phone only show the incoming number but not the name of the caller who could be some internal user calling. Entra ID should know all users with there telephone numbers (as they use their user and phone number in Teams as well) and should show the name of the caller instead of the phone number.

Sorry NinjaLee for posting on this thread, but I am facing the same issue and hoped to hear from you how you solved it.