Teams call window freezes when resizing

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When I'm in a Teams call and attempt to resize the window, the window visually freezes; I can no longer see moving video feeds for either myself or the person I'm in a call with, and the call controls such as camera/mic toggle are hidden - the only thing visible is a snapshot of each video feed. The only way I've found to get the video call working again is to hang up and call back.


I can still hear audio, and if I minimize the window, the other person's video feed is displayed (unfrozen) as normal in the popup, but if I bring up the main video call window the video feed is frozen again. Oddly enough, I can still interact with some of the controls (e.g. camera/microphone toggle) in the frozen window.


I have tried updating Teams and uninstalling/reinstalling Teams on my device. I am using Microsoft Teams Free (classic) on Windows 10. Any ideas as to what I can do to fix this? Happy to provide more info if needed.

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Seems more from the drivers perspective. Can you please check if the Audio, Video drivers are all updated. Additionally you can also try to validate the same while using other third party video apps and check if the issue persists.

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Satish Upadhyaya
Hi, thank you for your response.

I have downloaded and installed all of the drivers with optional updates and ensured all Windows updates have been installed. I don't know how to trigger the problem, I will check back in if it reoccurs.
This problem has never occured with Skype or Zoom, although in fairness I haven't used either to the extent that I use Teams.


This happens to me often. The video freezes, audio still works. Sometimes it comes back other times I need to drop the call and reconnect. All system drivers are controlled by IT.