Teams call will drop when I receive a call from a non teams app

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My teams call will drop when I receive a call from a non teams app. This just recently started happening. This is not happening to any of my coworkers who have the same set up. I have not updated or changed any of my settings. I access teams and calls from non teams apps all on my laptop. Previously, when on a teams call or meeting, any calls (from non teams apps) that pop up can be answered or declined. Now my teams just disconnects. 

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Hello @lauren087876   I did a quick search of past posts in the community and found various versions of this same issue.  The solution seems to come down to the Teams version you're using.  I'm going to add the link to the original post here so you can see all the fixes that were tried, but this one from later in the thread seems to be the most prevalent:


I can confirm that updating iOS App (from version 2.0.9 to 2.0.10) also resolves the problem (testing on different devices with iOS and iPadOS) 


ATTENTION: User must update the iOS App manually, no automatic Update in the Apple iOS Store !!! As the auto-update feature for the app remains disabled at this time by Microsoft affected users should manually update to the latest version of the Teams iOS client to resolve the problem.


If this doesn't help, please reply back and let's see what other members of the community can suggest.

@ThereseSolimeno thank you for getting back to me. The most updated version is already installed and I can confirm that teams was not logged in on any other device. To elaborate on my initial post - we have regular PC laptops, we have the Teams app as well as the Ring Central app. NO they have not been integrated. When on a teams call, our ring central app would pop up when there was an incoming call and we could leave it or decline. This is still the case with several of us with this set up. But for one person, when the ring central call pops up, the teams call just drops.


I have looked around a lot and can't find anyone with this exact issue.

In that case @lauren087876 you might want to open a ticket on our tech support site.

@lauren087876 I am experiencing the same issue as well. I have the Teams app and RingCentral app on my Windows 10 machine and every time I receive a call Teams will kick me out of any calls or meetings in progress. 


Have you found a resolution? If I find one I will post here as well. 

I work for a Telecommunications company and one of our clients is reporting the same thing. If they are on a Teams call and a call comes in through our softclient (Broadsoft), the Teams call drops, whether they accept or reject the call. We also use Teams and the same softclient at my firm and we are not able to reproduce this issue. Was a solution ever found for this issue? @lauren087876 



I have a user with the same issue today. Soft-phone (Voyant) received multiple calls during our staff meeting (Teams), and each time Teams disconnected her from the meeting.


I have not yet been able to reproduce the issue using the same two applications...

@daysleeping We're seeing the Teams call drop due to incoming Zoom softphone calls when using the same USB or BT speakerphone or headsets with volume controls configured in both apps. Could be due to the use of the BT HID api ?

Has anyone found a resolution for this yet as we have 2 members of staff getting the same issue?

@Leroy1982 the issue resolved itself on my machine after some updates to teams and my voip software.  I never found out exactly what was causing it.