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Does Teams call queue reads for customers of how long is the waiting time and the number count in the waiting list?





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Hi @ladidadi, you can configure and adjust the number of waiting slots and wait time for callees in the Call Queue itself. To do this, open the Teams Admin Center -> Voice -> Call Queues.

You can find more details here:  

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Hi @ladidadi

Not currently. There is a uservoice open for it here to notify the caller within the hold music

Would recommend to vote and push it up the agenda. Voting on it will also notify you if Microsoft pick it up. It's a functionality I would like to see - at least optional, so I have voted on it too

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Best, Chris

For reporting purposes Microsoft provides a PowerBI integration since a few weeks. PowerBI will use the CQD data and use these data to build reports for Call Queues and Auto Attendants:

Using CQD Power BI report to view Auto Attendant & Call Queue Historical Report - Microsoft Teams | ...


But this are historical data only. Calls will show up with a delay of 30 Minutes.