Teams Call Transfer - Hiding Transferred Number

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I have a query which i hope someone can help me with. Here's the example:


User A makes a teams call to User B who then transfers the call to User Cs mobile phone. Once the transfer is made User A can see User Cs mobile telephone number. 


In our case, we do not want User Cs mobile number to be visible to User A as we want to keep User Cs mobile number private. 


Any ideas?

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Hi @Mondas

Uservoice for this here:

I get a lot of feedback about this an the ask to obscure the forwarded number. Whilst we all know that uservoice is going away, I would still vote up on it because they should be carrying them along to the new system. I will put it on my list to raise to the PG, but if you see an AMA come along, I would raise this there as well. Hopefully, with enough asks it'll get on the roadmap.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
Has there been any updates on this issue? Its been 2 years!

Hi @Mondas 


Unfortunately, looks like Microsoft didn't carry the Uservoice forward to the new feedback site. However, I have looked through and found new asks here:


Allow caller ID Policy to forwarded calls · Community (




Would recommend you vote up on them to help push them up the agenda, and also get others to do the same. I believe that there should be the ability to mask forwarded calls on a service number so have voted up personally on both of there


Hope that helps


Best, Chris