Teams Call Transfer - Hiding Transferred Number


I have a query which i hope someone can help me with. Here's the example:


User A makes a teams call to User B who then transfers the call to User Cs mobile phone. Once the transfer is made User A can see User Cs mobile telephone number. 


In our case, we do not want User Cs mobile number to be visible to User A as we want to keep User Cs mobile number private. 


Any ideas?

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Hi @Mondas

Uservoice for this here:

I get a lot of feedback about this an the ask to obscure the forwarded number. Whilst we all know that uservoice is going away, I would still vote up on it because they should be carrying them along to the new system. I will put it on my list to raise to the PG, but if you see an AMA come along, I would raise this there as well. Hopefully, with enough asks it'll get on the roadmap.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris