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Hi there, This is the issue I am facing currently with Teams Call Queue.

To exclude the problem is located at the external part, can you perform following test:

• Initiate a call from an internal Teams User (User 1) towards the reception. You can dial the external number in the teams client if you want. Teams translate the number, and will offer the call directly to the auto attendant of the reception.

• Ask the reception to transfer the call to another Teams User (User 2), in the way they always do (indication that the call should return to the reception when there is no answer).

• User 2 should not take the call from the reception, and the call should arrive at the reception again.


I suspect the reception will get the same behavior as mentioned in the problem description: The reception can answer the call, but does not hear anything. At User 2, the call keeps on ringing.

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Hello @ayenco   If this community doesn't respond in a timely enough manner, you might want to contact Microsoft Support directly or open a case at, where there are authorized Microsoft agents available to help with further troubleshoot with you until your issue is resolved.