Teams Call Queues and ringback

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Hello all, 


Trying to setup a new phone system using teams. We currently use hunt groups on the current phone system that dials a group of people, if no one has answered within a time period, it drops them to a voicemail box. Also, if someone declines a call, it doesn't ring them back.


Is that possible in Teams? I have the CallQ working, but only testing with 2 people currently. What I want is if both of us decline the call, then it goes to the group voicemail box. Currently it just keeps ringing the same people over and over.



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Are the settings in your call queue set to be redirected to a voicemail account if no answer or too many calls in queue? If not, you might want to try adjusting those settings.

I have the Call Queue timeout down to 15 seconds so it doesn't annoy people in the list. We have one person that tends to answer most of the support calls, and people like to give them first dibs. But right now, the ringback is so quick, people won't like it.

Troy - I'm referring to what happens when a call is not answered or too many calls in queue. There is an option to redirect the call. That should be set to redirect it to an account with voicemail. Hope that helps. Check this doc out if you haven't already done so and good luck my friend:

@Rial_Coleman Thank you, Rial. I've actually read over that page a lot, so it's encouraging that I'm in the right place. Attached is a screenshot of my settings if that helps you understand my setup.

I'm stumped at this point @TroyByDay. The way you're setup is exactly what I have minus the issue you are having. You may want to reach out to your MSFT TAM.

@TroyByDay did you ever get this figured out. I have the same problems with mine and they are setup the exact same way.