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A call initiated from an internal Teams User (User 1) to offer the call directly to the Auto attendant of the reception. Then ask the reception to transfer the call to another Teams User (User 2). I want the call to return back to the reception when User 2 is not picking the call. The problem we are having now is that, the reception can answer the call, but does not hear anything at User 2 and the call keeps on ringing.  The expected behavior are:

Expectation :

    • Incoming call from external to the reception Auto attendant, and to the Call Queue
    • Reception answers the call and the call will be transferred to a user.
    • If the user does not answer, then the call come back to the reception and reception can answer again. I need help on these.


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There are two type of transfers available in Teams. Consultative Transfer and Blind Transfer. In the case of blind transfer Reception transfers the call and the call will hit the user voicemail if the user is unavailable. In case of consultative transfer the call is put on hold by the receptionist and then second call is initiated to the user.

If the function of receptionist is just doing call transfer I would recommend to use Dial by Name feature which should help you with the requirement.

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