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Hi All!


Teams Voice has been great so far!   I do, however,  have a challenge currently with Call Queue Voicemail Transcription.  The voicemail makes it over fine, and it is transcribed but....   The transcribed voicemails sometimes have our 'outside email' warning on them.   


It seems there are smtp sources for the transcribed messages?  Does anyone know where I can obtain that information so I can exclude them from the warning?  We already have but there must be others?   Below in the green box is one of the examples of our transcribed voicemails with smtp warning from our email config.   Thanks in advance for your help!


Call Queue.png



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When I check voicemails to in the mailbox the sender is <>, so no sender. The subject is "Shared Voicemail (name of the call queue)". So you might be able to filter on subject.

@Linus Cansby  Thank you for the suggestion.  The method we are using to provide that alert is based on smtp domains and there are not other filter options.  I suppose we can change that process and will look into that.  I'm going to run a message trace to see if I can find the source of that message.  If I track it down, I'll post the solution here.

Well, message trace and content search didn't find anything. Anyone know where I can find technical information on how the voicemail / transcription process works with the new Teams Call Queue?
You should be able to find it in the message trace. Search for the mailbox attached to the team.

@Linus Cansby  are you sure about that recommendation?  Or is it just a hypothesis?   I have conducted message traces for all three Teams based Call Queue's we have.  Each has its own email address for the General channel, where the Teams Call Queue is connected and has the 'Calls' tab.  The message trace for all three is blank using both the legacy Exchange admin tool and the new one admin tool (see attached).


It is my hypothesis that these transcribed emails do not route to a destination email box and reside somewhere else based on the message traces.  I have conducted message traces on the mail boxes for the General Channel as well as properties I can pull from the transcribed voicemails.  message trace old .pngmessage trace.png


Yes, I've tested it. Instead of searching for the channel mail address (that is not a mailbox) use the address of the M365 Group attached the the team. Ex. <teamname>

Thank you @Linus Cansby, I will check that.  However, we were able to come up with a solution using another method.  I thought I would share it for others.


In the exchange online rule, where we created the smtp outside warning, we added a rule exception. There is an option to exclude a message type of 'voicemail' which has worked successfully.   This is the portion of the rule in the Exchange Online admin console.

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 9.08.00 AM.png