Teams Call Queue "User" does not get added to "Agents" list.

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We have an Office 365 user that we want to be added to a known working call queue set up for our helpdesk. When added through the Teams admin portal, we can see the addition of the user gets accepted without error, but there is no change to the number of "Agents" on the call queue summary page.


We verified this through PowerShell and "Get-CsCallQueue". The user's ID shows up under "DistributionLists" > "Users" but not under "DistributionListsLastExpanded" > "Agents".


What is preventing the User from becoming an Agent? And is there a PowerShell cmdlet that would allow us to manually add the user to the agent list?


We opened a ticket with our 365 vendor who escalated to a Microsoft tech support team but we haven't heard anything after the initial update a week ago.

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Hello @Matt5574 


I have the same issue. Have you get fixed it?


I have opened a ticket with Microsoft but without success until the moment (one week ago) to get it fixed.






I have also the same issue. Have you get fixed it?


I didn't open a ticket, at the moment, at Microsoft.



Hello @faustball15 ,


You have to open a ticket. On my case support edit some on back to fix it.