Teams Call Queue Agent- outbound number

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Is there a way to have an agent have the Call Queue number show as their Caller ID when they dial out when they are logged into the Queue and their own DID show when not logged into the Queue?

I understand that Anonymous sends no ID.

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Hi @DayneJake, it depends on what type of PSTN calling you are implemented. For Teams Direct Routing there is currently no option out of the box to implement this function.

If you are using Microsoft Calling Plans and requested service numbers by Microsoft, you can use the Caller ID Policy in Teams Admin Center:

Manage caller ID policies in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Here you can select the according service number as outbound calling number for your agents and you can select, if agents are able to override the policy for specifique calls. 

@DayneJake I have an update regarding this. If a Call Queue is linked to a Channel (as described in the "Voice-enabled channels" section of What’s New in Microsoft Teams | February and March 2021 Updates), the Agent can choose the outbound number when calling from the Calls tab of the Channel. This is done by clicking the drop-down next to the Call button under the dial pad. 

@Ryan Steele do you know in the meantime how to permit the member of channel doing an outgoing call with the call queue number instead of the DND? 

Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by "in the meantime". This feature is enabled now. Link the call queue to the channel and members of the team will be able to select the call queue number.

Thanks for your reply. I had problems by adding the resource account for outbound calls, it was immediatly deleted after doing that. After one day the deleted resource account was by itself added and now the feature is working. This is a very nice and useful feature!


Glad to hear it's working! And sorry, yes, I forgot about needing to add the Resource Account in the "Assign calling ID" section of the Call Queue configuration. Odd that it vanished and returned, but that's the Teams Admin Center for you.