Teams Call placed on hold when I get an email

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Hello - While I am on a Teams call, my call is placed on hold each time I get an email. It is quite frustrating and wondering how to fix this.  Maybe there is a setting that I need to update? Thanks

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Never heard of this issue. Difficult to say anything as it most likely involves your email notification settings, OS settings, headset settings etc. It's not Teams alone, that's for sure.

If it works using Teams on the web you can try this approach at least
Am facing a similar issue since last week. When am in a meeting or 1-1 calls using my work laptop, if I get a pop up message, email or a ping in teams chat etc my call goes on hold. Please suggest solution if any one know the fix to this issue.

We tried to replicate the issue on personal laptop with the same ID and it works fine, call doesn't go on hold. Its frustrating and my clients are unhappy about this.
Anyone find a solution? I am facing the same issue with one user