Teams call only displaying colors for other participants' video

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Hi everyone!


My Microsoft teams app does not work properly when I enter a call. I can hear people and people can see me and hear me, but instead of seeing them on my end, I can only see blurs of colors where their video feeds should appear (see attached images). I have tried deleting and redownloading the app, I have tried checking and unchecking the "Disable GPU hardware acceleration" box. I know it is not a problem with my bandwidth because my coworkers who are next to me ( on the same wifi network) do not have this problem. Does anyone have any idea of what this could be? When I open a teams call on MicrosoftEdge it works but I really need the desktop app to function too!


Thank you!


final blurred .jpgvideo.gif

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Seems like it's having issues with graphics, but hard to tell. When you say you "deleted the app", did you also delete the app data directory as well? You can find that in %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Teams ? I'd suggest closing MS Teams, making sure it's really closed (task manager) then rename the directory. I'd also clear your %TEMP% directory as well, always been odd behavior with Windows when the temp folder has large number of files for some reason.