Teams Call - Name appears in Pop Up - but Disappears in Teams call when answered

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We are in process of moving our External Voice calling from Skype to Teams via Direct Routing and 2 test colleagues have raised an issue that I haven't been able to find any information on and I have been unable to replicate.


When they receive an external call in Teams the pop up displays the users name and CLI (matched against AD) - however when they answer the call the name disappears and only the CLI is presented.


Has anyone seen this at all - tests I have been doing trying to replicate this are failing as the name always remains.


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My experience with the external teams call have been that with Teams even if we have the AD contact it added it will only display the CLI for the users incoming call. Hence as per my experience it will always display the CLI.

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Satish U

Thanks @Satish2805,


The strange thing is that while the call is ringing it populates the name in the pop up in the corner - as soon as it is answered the Teams window doesn't show the name but only the CLI - so it is initially matching against what is held in AD - but the drops it :)


Thank  you for responding.