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I'm new to Teams and am hoping someone can clarify some things for me (and/or point me to some good reference info, as I've not been able to find any myself).


When looking at Teams Call Analytics, what does it mean when the Organizer and/or Participants are listed as "unknown"?  I'm thinking maybe it means they are external/guests, rather than being a user within the company, but can't find anything to verify this.


Also, when viewing Call History for a particular user, audio quality shows "poor" for a particular call/meeting. Also, when viewing Call Analytics for that meeting, "Meeting Audio Quality" shows some good and some poor, but all participants (listed as "unknown") show "good" audio quality.  I'm thinking this means that overall, some things were detected that indicated poor quality for the meeting overall, but there may not have been enough info to produce details for those certain participants?


I may be totally off-base with my assumptions, so any explanation/information would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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@HenryPhillipsNimbitech Thank you for your response.  I have seen that article, but it really only states how to get to Call Analytics/Call history and explains roles required to do so.  I'm looking for something more that explains the content that is shown there. 

Hi @PMorgan_1116 ,


Might be worth checking out the Call Quality Video at:


In fact I highly recommend this area, especially for some in depth videos on the voice side of things. It can easily be accessed by going to





Well, everyone in a call has plenty of inbound and outbound streams for audio, video, screensharing and video based screen sharing.
I guess audio was not the issue for your case, but likely video was the problem.
Based on our analysis we see that in general the majority of bad a/v calls in conference calls are due to poor INBOUND streams. Meaning that the outbound video of the originator was still fine but that inbound to the participant was just poor due to e.g. high video frame loss .
P2P is often different.

so hopefully i could give you some hints. If you are interested what solution i'm using to analyze Call Quality across all employees in combination of other key indicators such as high cpu loaded tasks, hardware, etc..,...just ping me