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We are using Teams at school.  I am a member of a number of teams.  We also have scheduled classes and meetings.  The issue is that teams shows random calendars.  I then have to send an email and wait for a reply to find out when a meeting is.


How do I switch calendars?  I've searched and searched and can not find anything.  I've clicked everything I could find, no luck.  I've tried the app and edge and chrome and nothing works.  It consistently prohibits me from seeing my appointments.


Can someone tell me if there's a way to view scheduled meetings?

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Hi, the way Teams works, it should only show you your own calendar, and any meetings you are invited to should be visible within.  Is this not the case for you?

@PeterRising Thats kinda how teams works.  Except I have 2 calendars.  And I cant determine which one displays.  Sometimes its the non-credit classes, sometimes its the credit classes.  But all the teams show up on the tab.


How can I get meeting information from a team that is not on a calendar?


Ask them to add you explicitly to the meeting (I assume these are channel meetings) and it should show on your calendar in Teams


@adam deltinger   thanks for your reply, but adding to the calendar is not an issue.  I do appear on the calendar.  There just happens to be 2 calendars.   


I will try another forum.  From my experience, solutions for simple problems can be solved on the Microsoft forums but difficult issues need to be solved outside of Microsoft.  I was hoping things would be different this year, but they aren't.   Thanks anyway.



Whatever username you login to Teams with will be the calendar that you see in Teams.  If you have other calendars in Outlook then you will not see these in Teams - only the one you have logged into Teams with.