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Hello I am using Office 2016 (Outlook 365).  I add items in my Outlook calendar  (personal appointments, some items are recurring, either daily or weekly).   However, when I go into Microsoft Teams Calendar, these appointments I created in Outlook are being adding to Teams Calendar automatically.  I only use the Teams Calendar for Group Meetings and do not want them to sync/show up. I know there is a Teams Add in Outlook (but that gets automatically enabled on my network, so even if I try to remove it/disable it gets automatically added back in when I restart computer/Outlook). Is there a way that I can disable just the Calendar Sync between Outlook and Teams?  This is going to make it very difficult as I have a LOT of items in Outlook Calendar

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@APOData Hello, Teams and Outlook (i.e. Exchange) are connected. So your mailbox you're using in Outlook is the same mailbox that you're using in Teams. It's just a different interface between the two, with Outlook being a more mature client for scheduling. So your personal meetings are located in your personal mailbox in Exchange and the group meetings are located in the group mailbox in Exchange. The Teams meeting add-in in Outlook is for scheduling a Teams meeting directly in Outlook. When you schedule a simple appointment too that will also show up in your Teams calendar, not being an online meeting though.

there must be other factors then Microsoft Exchange (such as version of Microsoft Office). I have been using Microsoft Office with Outlook and Teams for a number of years, and this did not happen. I was adding events in my Outlook calendar and they didn't auto-populate into the Teams calendar (until I upgraded to Office 365, and now it started happening). It's terrible. I guess I will have to find another solution/application for personal appointments / reminders.
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That's correct. Not all subscriptions include full Teams functionality. I suppose you've been using Team free with your previous Office-suite.

I will look for another software solution.  Thanks for confirming.