Teams Calendar - please show my categories/colors from Outlook Exchange

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I use categories/colors heavily on my Outlook calendar so I can quickly and easily tell what type of meeting it is (status, client, sales, personal, etc.). I am often double-booked and this makes it easier to make decisions on what takes highest priority.


I am new to Teams and loving it! Especially the calendar features now that we are all working from home. But it would be SO MUCH BETTER if it obeyed and showed the category/color settings from my Outlook Exchange calendar in the Teams calendar.


Please consider adding this as a feature in an upcoming version.

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Hi! Agree the calendar experience could be richer. The correct spot for requests is here! I believe there are requests for this already so find one and make a vote:


Updated December 2021

Now in Teams (From October 2021)

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@adam deltinger _ Support you totally in this request

@Kiwi_Max The Teams Calendar should be as rich as the Outlook Exchange version to encourage greater use. It looks a bit bland presently.

I'd be interested in use of calendar color categories


Colour Categories would be a game changer

Definitely want to just add that I think this would be so helpful! Hopefully a future update!

Hi all

Uservoice is here:

However, I think you will be pleasantly updated during the course of 2021

Best, Chris

@amybundens I believe it will be released.... is not in my tenant now, but I believe it coming soon, it was announced

This has just arrived in my tenant, a great addition to Teams. Another reason to use Outlook less is a plus for me!
I can confirm: this morning it's available also in my tenant!

Nice feature ;)