Teams calendar - can it be used for events not meetings

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Hi all, 

Does anyone know if you can add events to a Teams calendar without it creating a meeting or copying to every team member's outlook calendar? 

Essentially I want to create a shared calendar where we can log annual leave, business travel, sick days etc that everyone in the team can view (and bonus points if the solution is that only the author can edit/delete). I don't need (or want) a meeting to be created or for it to appear in everybody's outlook. We used to have a wall calendar in the office but that doesn't work now we work remotely. We then had a Sharepoint calendar which we could view in Outlook but our work have decommission that.



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I suggest you can use shared mail box, or channel meeting without any attendees to this meeting,
looks like Teams is too smart that it force the event to be a meeting...

@monkey_moore Did you work out a way to achieve this? We are trying to do the same. Thanks

@CTCTCT0 You could use a Channel Calendar but there are limitations (e.g. doesn't work in private/shared channels). 

Has anyone come up with a solution to this? In an educational setting most of what we do is event based rather than meeting based.

@monkey_moore  Any update to this? I work in High Education and am trying to do the exact same thing. Need to share EVENTS with group members without it scheduling a meeting and showing up on personal calendars. 

@mpac34 I have not found a solution yet. 

How to create a shared events calendar in Teams by using Microsoft Lists. Also use this method to create shared vacation schedule with the Team. ✅ Subscribe for more Tech Tips: 🔓 Unlock Your Teams Productivity I am giving you FREE ...
Genius. Exactly what we needed. Thank you.