Teams calendar & Outlook invite taking attendees to a 'ghost' meeting that doesn't exist

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We are using MS Teams in our school (primary age students). We set up the TEAMs meetings for each class centrally, added the staff members as attendees and copied the link that TEAMs creates in the calendar invite and forwarded this link to the parents, as our students do not have their own email addresses.
This means parents can join without having their email address shared (adhering to GDPR) and staff can join through their calendar invite, as they are attendees. Unfortunately, we have come across some glitches:

1) On some of the daily meetings we are finding that when the staff click on their calendar invite (either in Teams or Outlook) they are taken to a 'ghost' meeting that doesn't exist. The students, through their parents email and the link sent to the parents, are waiting in a different meeting.

2) To give these attendees (staff) presenter rights, we manually ahead of time, go into the meeting options of each meeting and select 'specific people' under presenters and add these staff. However, when these staff go to start the meeting they no longer have presenter rights, even though it has been set before by the meeting organiser.


Any advice would be helpful on these issues,

Thanks, Beth

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@BethD1982 Hi, to be honest I'm not sure what exactly is happening here. How is the invite created? Please guide us through in detail.


As for the "ghost meeting" I have experienced it myself a couple of times. Same meeting link and all. Left the "ghost meeting" and rejoined to resolve. But if it's not intermittent I would reach out to Microsoft by creating a support ticket. Your IT admin can assist with that.


The presenter role can be policy controlled, but that doesn't mean that individual meetings cannot be adjusted in the meeting options. Bear in mind you'll need to send your meeting invite directly to anyone you want to select as a presenter.