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I have a query regarding Teams breakout rooms features which I am hoping someone might be able to answer. We have been using the the breakout rooms feature since it was released recently and it was something we have eagerly been waiting for. However, just before it was released, some of the information presented indicated other features which would be coming at some point. In this video on the Microsoft 365 YouTube channel ( mention is made at 4:06 about Meeting organizer features, in particular Countdown timer and Pre-meeting room configuration. At 13:16, there are some previews of other features “coming later this calendar year” – again this shows a pre-configure breakout rooms before a meeting has started feature. These are key features which our academics have seen in this video and are asking for.


So my query is, where can we find the ETA for these features? There is nothing on the M365 roadmap for breakout rooms and I cannot see mention of these on User Voice.





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AFAIK there’s no ETA but keep an eye on Ignite next week for updates

Many thanks Adam. We will look out for any information at Ignite.

Breakout Rooms New Features
In this step-by-step tutorial, learn:
1. Participant reassignment while rooms are open
2. Set timers for breakout sessions
3. Recreate Breakout Rooms