Teams backup with Commvault

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We would need an advice on Teams backup with Commvault.


The Backup will stop every now and then usually at the end of backup session. It is just hanging and unable to close backup session unless killing it manually.


And because of that backup may fail for some teams. This problem happens 1-2 times a week during school period and now off school period more randomly.


In Commvault there have been few API errors, few files and channels failed to backup, nothing major. Commvault logfiles are not very informative. Commvault support is rather convinced that the problem is in our Teams environment.


We found few team dublicates (now removed) and 1 team with [ character in teams name (excluded from backup).


Teams and Sharepoint backups have been scheduled so that they (usually) don't overlapp.


What would you recommend us to check or do next?

Is there a kind of tool to check Teams for obvious

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