Teams Backend SPO Sites Not Showing in SPO Admin Center

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At some point in the last couple of months it seems that Teams backend SPO sites have stopped showing up in the SPO Admin Center. I can search the SPO admin center for some of those sites, but not all show up.

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Hi, you don't by any chance have a filter applied on the SP Admin Center for Sites do you?


Screenshot 2020-11-13 at 19.17.14.png

@PeterRisingThanks for your reply!


I've changed my view to All Sites there - but just for kicks I went ahead and changed it to Microsoft 365 Group sites just now. Still no luck - I cannot find the backend site for the team that I'm working with.


It is similarly named to another site, example: .../sites/SiteName, which I can find, but .../sites/SiteName-Extra-Detail I cannot. And I've verified that it's not a subsite of .../sites/SiteName.


Another interesting piece of the puzzle - I can Get-SPOSite .../sites/SiteName-Extra-Detail and see that it exists in our tenant.



Hmm, that is odd.  Could be worth opening a support ticket with Microsoft about this,  The sites should show in there.

@PeterRisingThat's where I was leaning as well... just did so. Figured I'd check to see if anyone else had seen it already.



Please let us know what MS support say.  Hopefully they can clear this up for you.

@PeterRisingfinally found it myself, actually. It was a Teams team channel that had been renamed.