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-I have been using my personal computer to access my job's teams portal.

-When I open teams, the app automatically autofills with my job's username and password.

-This information is verified with intranet connection to my company's server. 


-Now, I no longer work for this company, and no longer have access to their intranet.

-I now try to log in to teams with my personal username and password. 

-When I hit, "enter," with my own info, Teams automatically logs in with my previous company username and password. 

-Since I no longer work for this company, my non-existent company server connection cannot verify this login, so I get an error message from teams, "We're sorry, we've run into an issue."

I cannot seem to stop this loop. I cannot find anywhere on team's app or web page where the autofill is saved. I have reinstalled the app, and tried every other Microsoft log in portal to try to find another way to log in with my personal info.

Any help would be appreciated. 



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Hi, on mobile so brief reply. Teams online shouldn’t be a problem here, at least not if using InPrivate Mode. As for the desktop app issue copy this script to PowerShell on your computer and hit enter.